Teeth Whitening Bradford

If you are not satisfied with the visual appearance

Or colour of your smile because you suffer from stained or discoloured teeth, then here at the BWG Dental Centre, your female dentist in Bradford has a solution for you. Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk and the team will work with you to select a suitable teeth whitening solution to enhance and improve your smile. Your Spanish dentist in Bradford knows how important a bright and white smile is to you. As such, the team at the BWG Dental Centre will dedicate their time to assist you in achieving a smile that you can be pleased with. Patients who struggle with having stained or discoloured teeth often lack the confidence or hesitate from smiling frequently to conceal their teeth from others. With a suitable whitening solution at your disposal, you will no longer feel the need to hide your smile.

The iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner is made up of two distinct pieces.

Studies have shown that individuals are not born with completely white teeth.

Our natural tooth colour is composed of two layers. The first being the dentin, which is a yellowish to cream colour, and the second layer being the clear coloured enamel. Tooth discolouration often occurs naturally as we age and as a result of our lifestyle habits. Frequent consumption of tea, coffee, wine and smoking regularly, all contribute to the gradual staining and discolouration of your teeth. At the BWG Dental Centre, your dentist in house Bradford, Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk can provide you with a plethora of teeth whitening options to assist you in attaining a whiter smile.

The first option that your female dentist in Bradford can offer you, are at-home whitening options wherein you will be provided with a whitening kit to be used periodically, until you have achieved your ideal smile. If however you require a more potent and permanent whitening solution, you are also welcome to book an appointment with your dentist in house Bradford for in-office whitening treatments, which often only requires a single appointment to achieve your desired results. Contact the BWG Dental Centre today to learn more.

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