Cosmetic Dentist Bradford - Dentist on Barrie Street

BWG Dental is a family-oriented dental centre committed to providing optimum oral health care in an eco-friendly environment. We provide all aspects of dentistry in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. When required, we use nitrous oxide and digital x-rays that reduce the exposure to radiation.

It is our mission to offer high-quality dental care for the health and wellness of our patients. BWG Dental is staying current with ever-changing advances in dental science. We maintain a modern dental office, working as a team, always considering our patients individual needs, optimizing patient comfort and educating our patients on optimum dental health.

With a strong emphasis on the prevention of dental diseases we want to help ensure our patients have a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our specialty not only lies in dentistry but building long lasting relationships with our patients through trust, open communication and compassion.

For patients to make the best decisions for their personal or family's dental care they need to be well-informed and educated. That is why we put great importance in being able to have an open and honest discussion about a patients's diagnosis and possible treatment options.

No two people are alike and each individual has specific needs and desires for thier oral health and appearance. We treat our patients based on their personal expectations, as well as their understanding of what treatment choices are available to this. This allows us to provide comprehensive and personalized dental care for each unique patient.

We speak Spanish - Hablamos Espanol