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iTero Scanner

The evolution of technology has propelled dental practices to the next level by utilizing modern tools and equipment to assist in a variety of cosmetic and orthodontic procedures. Of these advanced technologies is the iTero Digital Scanner, which is designed to capture a more accurate and precise image of a patient’s mouth and teeth. At BWG Dental Centre our Spanish dentist in Bradford, Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk is delighted to treat your dental and oral issues, using state of the art equipment such as our iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner.

The iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner is made up of two distinct pieces. The first is the wand, which is used to scan and capture images of your teeth and mouth as a whole. It ensures that every image that it captures is both precise and pristine. It is capable of capturing the most minute of details in high definition and exceptional quality, ensuring that any hidden dental issues or complications are correctly and accurately picked up. The second part of the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner is the station or monitor, which processes the images captured and transmitted from the wand. Using the images of your teeth and mouth, a three dimensional digital model is created in real time. This model can then be used if you require a dental implant, a dental crown, an inlay or an onlay, a set of Invisalign invisible braces, and a plethora of other oral appliances that often require an impression or mould of your teeth in order to be made. 

If you are in need of cosmetic dentistry services, an orthodontic procedure, or any form of dental procedure that requires digital impressions of your mouth, an iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner is our trusted tool to use. Here at BWG Dental Centre, our dentists in Bradford led by Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk strives to provide a comfortable experience while you undergo dental procedures. With the iTero Digital Scanner, our dentists on Barrie Street can make your dental visit one to remember. Contact your Spanish dentist at BWG Dental Centre today to learn more. 

Last Updated On 2021-03-02