We are participating in the Canadian Dental Care Plan,
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    • BWG Dental Centre is now a CDCP Dentist who is participating in the Canadian Dental Care Plan. Below is a small overview.


    • The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a dental benefit for eligible Canadian residents who do not have access to dental insurance and have an adjusted household net income of less than $90,000.


    • The CDCP is managed by Health Canada and administered by Sun Life. Dentists are not involved in deciding who is eligible or what services are covered.


    • The CDCP is for Canadians who do not have dental benefits. It should not replace benefits people already have, such as workplace or private dental plans.


    • The CDCP does not provide free dental care. It is a government dental benefit that covers a part of the cost of your care. You are responsible for the remaining portion that is not covered by the CDCP plan and, if your household income is above $70,000, the government requires a co-pay of 40 to 60 per cent.


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