Visit BWG Dental Centre, your family dentist in Bratford for regular checkups, brushing, flossing and rising, you and your family can prevent cavities, gum disease, and other serious issues that may develop in the long run.

Why You Should Visit Your Family Dentist

When people visit their family dentists, they can avoid various minor oral issues like mouth pain, mouth ulcers, toothaches, and tooth decay.

Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk of BWG Dental Centre is a gentle Dentist that does not take an aggressive approach in treating minor tooth pain and gum disease. It is important to have a check-up If you have any problems you must see your dentist and then resolve them before they become bigger problems.

1 Prevent Cavities

A dentist will examine your gums, teeth and then clean the area around your gum line and within the teeth, if cavities are present the dentist will use an instrument called a laser, to burn the bacteria away, which will reduce the chances of developing cavities. Also Read: Ten Signs You Might Be an Immigrant How is the Dentist Different from An Orthodontist? Orthodontist & Dentist are two different and distinct medical specialists, but there is some overlap. They work in two different ways; Orthodontist helps you get perfect teeth alignment, and Dentist focuses on oral health, including cleanings, x-rays and overall teeth care. In dentistry they work as a team with your dentist to do x-rays and oral cleanings. Avoid Sugary Foods Try avoiding sugary foods.

2 Gum Disease

Your dental team at BWG Dental Care has many strategies to avoid and keep gum disease at bay. The good news is that you can prevent gum disease from ever developing. How? Get enough protein from your diet to repair the decaying tissues. This is achieved through chewing sugar-free gum, swishing sugar-free fruit-flavoured gum, or chewing protein gum Avoid the “power chews”, which might take a couple of years to digest, and are packed with chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and other ingredients that can damage your teeth. When you are brushing your teeth, make sure you use an anti-bacterial toothpaste. These products contain fluoride that will help clean the teeth. Dental Checkups It is vital to get dental care every three to five years.

3 Prevention

If you are not sure about which dentist to go to, you should visit a family dentist with your family. Our Family Dentists: Kenny Simpson Provides one on one care to patients and puts their needs first. Dawn Foster Welcomes you and your entire family. Benjamin Donnell Provides gentle, quality care with fast and reliable service Jennifer Lulamby Long serving, talented, friendly and knowledgeable Dentist who truly enjoys her work

4 Preventative Measures

If your family wants to improve oral hygiene you should brush, floss and have dental checks at least once every six months. This will prevent teeth decay, tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health issues that may develop over time. Make your dental visits a regular family tradition. Brushing and flossing once or twice a day are best for the teeth and gums. Dentists will clean and look at your teeth, you might need fillings or have your teeth cleaned, depending on the diagnosis and cleanings. At a minimum, ensure you visit your family dentist every six months. For the best dental care, you must follow a set routine. Your family dentist will evaluate and adjust your schedule to ensure that you get the best possible dental care.


Family Dentistry Has 6 Long-Term Benefits To Your Family They are helping you to live a healthy life with fewer dental issues. The long-term benefits of having a good family dentist include: 1. Protection of your teeth. 2. Increased beauty. 3. Balanced diet. 4. Improving general health and well-being. The effects of good dental care can be seen even after only the first visit, it’s only a matter of time until the benefits of family dental care lead to healthier and happier you and your family. Remember to see your family dentist regularly to stay on top of all your dental needs and keep them from developing into more serious issues, the dentist can take good care of your teeth and help prevent your family from serious health problems in the future.